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I play in two bands, Rocket 3 and Avalanche Lily, in Portland, Oregon. The purpose of this website is to make it easy for my friends and family to find out what I'm working on and listening to. Each project has a tab describing my journey, music videos, and streaming links. 

My songwriting began with my first EP, Truth and Beauty, which I recorded as a solo artist in 2011. In 2012 my first band, Rocket 3, came into existence. Rocket 3's repertoire includes many of my original songs. We have two full length albums, Burn (2014) and What's the Frequency? (2018) that have been extremely well received by college radio and the press.


In 2015 my second band, Avalanche Lily, was born, and we released our debut EP, Dream Horizon, in March 2017. My band mates in Avalanche Lily are two musical and adventurous women who have become my best friends over the years.


I am an engineer in high tech, have patents in the areas of semiconductor physics and wearable technology, and have been featured in Wired, AnandTech, and IEEE Spectrum. My essays and fictional stories are posted on my Wordpress blog. My professional technology profile can be found on LinkedIn. I have also been a contributing writer to the Portland Notes music blog. I see similarities in my journey as an engineer and as a musician- from intense creativity and collaborative relationships to the frustrations of challenging the status quo.

I'm grateful to my brother for helping me start my first band, to Matt Jefferson, who has produced everything I've ever recorded, to my hubby, to my band mates, and to everyone who supports me and my band mates by coming out to gigs and listening to our music.

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